Comment by: Tanner Arwine
Very skilled in all aspects of the arts!

Comment by: Chris Harper Triplett
Found out about you via Nancy Lamb!
Comment by: Patricia
We are thrilled to display your early, exquisite, graphite, ink, etc., through your innovative and provocative works of today. Every piece is a unique and personal treasure! It is a privilege to be part of your world. Much love - N & P
Comment by: Todd
I've been missing you but think of you often as I wrap a towel about my my well warmed and worn kettle to steep. XOT
Comment by: Nori Green
Sarah, Great work! I to have the gift and I'm trying to get my daughter Hannah to help me with setting up a site for the world to see my photos. Any advice? Keep up the great work that the lord has given you. Nori Green
Comment by: Chris Ohara
Because you have so much to say through this new medium, your work should spur others to invest serious effort in digital art. I love your antic sense of humor--bravo!
Comment by: denise
I love your work and I love you!
Comment by: Rosie Lee
I love the work. It is good to see a fellow artist from Fort Worth represent contemporary art well especially on a national level.
Comment by: Twila Landreneau
WOW Sarah! You are an artistic genius and an amazing person!!! Maybe I should call you an "Artistic Diva"!!!!
Comment by: Dad
Sarah - I think your father wants you to know that he's very proud of you. Dad via Shelley
Comment by: Jessica
You nailed each and every one of my favorite Jackasses... Kudos big time! Every one who made a comment should buy the new book in november! Got your back Kosick!
Comment by: William Litten
Sarah, These are all fantastic. Ever consider a Quentin Tarantino collection?
Comment by: Dale Moses
Wow, Sarah. I LOVE your art, too.
Comment by: Lori Bailey
Hey, Sara! I finally found your site. You know me from Denise's and Rosanne is my granddaughter. You are so talented and I can't wait to see you again. Email me and maybe we won't have to wait for the next party! Love your work and hope one day to commission you for one of my own.
Comment by: Rob Miller
I liked your site.
Comment by: yETTA
Comment by: Sally
I "Googled" you and your web site came up have come a long way baby Good luck with the Petroleum Club show
Comment by: Naomi Wood
Well Sarah, it is something else.. Don't know how I figure in as Scared Lives, but I do appreciate the work you have done on my portrait. I love it. Thank You so much. Naomi
Comment by: Divia
Absolutely LOVE your art.Very vibrant :] . I especially love how recognisable the famous people are in your pics even with all the editing. Keep up the awesome owrk Sarah. :D
Comment by: Sarah Green
Woh nice art. HAHA i have the same name as the artist. Thats heaps cool. Shame im 15. Woh thats awesome, your art works cool, well the stuff on this website is. :):)
Comment by: Mary Guthrie
Sarah whoa, bright, bold, gorgeous! Great pieces -- I hope to come see your show in January, pls. put me on your email list! Mary Guthrie
Comment by: Franzi
omg sarah you inspired me so much you are my idol
Comment by: Stan
Great hearing from you, Sarah! Love your stuff! Do you do commission work?
Comment by: saymon paul
hi sarah! i am complete amazed of all your works! i am from the philippines. i really love your works!
Comment by: Naomi Wood
Sarah, I have just revisited your site and I must say you are a very talented artist. can't wait till you do my portrait. Love and Best Wishes to your success. Naomi
Comment by: Pete Taboada
Hey there, like souls find each other. It was a pleasure. talking to you last week. I love the fact that you art a Graphic Artist (like I am) and that you take your gifts to give increase to others. Be Blessed
Comment by: Joe Coulter
Hi sarah...I know that you dont know me but I was looking on Manny's myspace and seen that piece of artwork you did for him that makes him look like a cartoon and I was wondering if you would be so kind as to make me one of return I will do my best to get your name out there to everyone by using my myspace. I think more people need to see your talent because its very unique and awesome. thank you so much. from Joe Coulter aka Famous JC
Comment by: Joey Sigler
Sarah, It was nice to meet you today. We look forward to working with you. Joey
Comment by: Ms. Texas Hemisphere
Website: www.shaunawestfall/
I admired your work before I realized I WAS one of your works! WOW! I am honored beyond words that you would "paint Fort Worth" so lovely and real with The Rose of Texas. Bless you and keep up the great work! You inspire me, Sarah...Shauna Westfall
Comment by: Lori H.
Your artwork is amazing! You have such an amazing gift, I need a picture done of my girls!! XOXO Much love, Lori
Comment by: Martin
Your work is awesome. Can u email me back with prices and how to get it done?
Comment by: Danny
hey, great art work on Pontius and Dunn. im a huge jackass,cky and wildboyz fan. keep up the great work
Comment by: Matthew Bzura
You have taken art to a whole new level. This is truly a step further in the art world. I would love to see you do work on skateboarding, i think you can make it look really good.
Comment by: Ruby
Sarah! The website is beautiful and your subjects happen to be some of my personal favorites as well!!!
Comment by: Dred
Beautiful, Sarah! I love all your works and am in amazement of you!
Comment by: Melissa
It was nice meeting you at Arts Google 2007. I am excited to see what you do with Jesse's picture. Your art is amazing and inspirational. Jesse said he hated when people stared at him but now he knows its because he's unique. Kind of like YOU! Thanks.
Comment by: LEEJ
Comment by: Joanna
Hey Sarah! Loved your artwork at Arts Goggle. Thanks so much for displaying at Fresnel Technologies!
Comment by: Patrick
Oh dear. I'm having a hard time working with such a beautiful and impressive painting of Bridgette distracting me. She reminds me so much of you... Thanks so much and I wish I was a better writer - "wow" is all I can say. p
Comment by: Mary Cooper
Sarah, your art is amazing, just like you! The World would be a dark place without you in it to share your light.
Comment by: Barbara Livingston
Wow! I love it all. You've hit on something big!
Comment by: Molly Livingston
My mom and I looked at your work and I almost screamed,"CLICK ON 'BUY ART' THIS INSTANT!" love it.Hi Hannah.
Comment by: Molly Livingston
My mom and I looked at your work and I almost screamed,"CLICK ON 'BUY ART' THIS INSTANT!" love it.
Comment by: Guy
Website: none
Creative genius - The world is a much better place thanks to you and your art. Let the light shine - Thank you!
Comment by: Cari Burnett
Sarah- You work is absolutely fabulous and breathtaking. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing it with me.
Comment by: Shelley Wong
Sarah - Your art is hot, but not as hot as you. Your loving admirer and, I like to think, one of your earliest fans, Shelley Wong
Comment by: amber brown
You've done it, sister!!! Exceeded all expectations and talents. Your work is refreshingly cool. I'm proud to own one! Hugs, Amber
Comment by: Jessie
happened across your page... your work is fantastic!!
Comment by: Paula
Love your work. Just saw the pic of Anna Nicole - you did her justice. It's beautiful...
Comment by: chelsea
i really love your potraits you are a true artist .. check out my paintings in myspace!well just wanted to say hi ..
Comment by: Brandon
Can you make me a painting =D
Comment by: Mike Busey
What can I say that is not already known about Sarah Green? A true ARTIST........ She is a artist that the world is gonna be taken by awe after the first glimpse of one of her works! I'm impacted by each new pice I see from her! Always out doing her self each time! I'm one of the few lucky ones to own a priceless pice of her amazing works! The artwork I have of her's will stay & be with me in many ways for the rest of my life! Whats funny is each person who see's her work, Always is impacted and left remembering what they saw forever...... I love to watch her interpret a image. After she gets her hands & creative imagination around it. Sarah Green gives everthing a whole other life! MIKE BUSEY WWW.MYSPACE.COM/MIKEBUSEY 1/3/07
Comment by: Hannah
hello sarah green i love your art work. how do you do it?? from jane powers.
Comment by: Patrick Green
Wow! A thousand visitors, and I'm proud to be not only one of them, but to get to visit you in person. You are extremely talented in all your artistic approaches. Keep sharing with us all. With respect, Patrick
Comment by: Samantha Yeakle
Your website, as well as your art, looks fantastic. Can't wait to see what you do next! :)
Comment by: Patty Potter
I can't wait to see what you do next. I have yet to find a piece I don't love and want to own. You're a goddess.
Comment by: neetz
Great site, Sarah! Can't wait to see your next stuff. I'm waiting eagerly for vicarious fame. :-)
Comment by: angelica
love all of your pieces. especially, the 1920's style couples. it totally reminds me of pulp fiction book covers.
Comment by: Monaliza
thank you sarah, thank you so much for allowing me to apart of your art! i am truly grateful to have met you.
Comment by: nancy Lamb
The Clark Gable, Jean Harlow is HOT!!!!!! N.L.
Comment by: nancy Lamb
Hey, I want to be on the contact info sheet!!! I'm such a titty-baby!!!N.L. Well... and I check my e-mail DAILY!!!!!
Comment by: nancy Lamb
To Sarah, You are my hero and the one I would most LOVE to be like in the world. The new work is rockin` everybody's boat baby!!!!! Do you think I could commission a Beatle portrait right after I finish paying you for everthing else????? N.L.
Comment by: Katie Puder
Beautiful, Sarah! I love all your works and am in amazement of you! -Katie
Comment by: Jean Christenberry
Sarah, Your talent is always so stunning - in art and everything that you do! You are truly one of the rarely gifted ones. I love what you are doing with your passion for those immortal celebs in your art. Thanks for sharing your creativity and passion with us!
Comment by: Debbie Dacus
Sarah--You are extraordinary. The website is beautiful and your subjects happen to be some of my personal favorites as well! Love-Debbie
Comment by: Terry Aday
Sarah, I am still enjoying and will always be enjoying your Anna Nicole masterpiece hanging in our formal living room. Definitely the main conversation piece of our entire home. I am very grateful to own it! Best wishes.....Terry
Comment by: Tara Jackson
Your artwork is desert to the eye. Smooth and creamy and everyone loves it. Thanks for the opportunity to work on this special project. Regards, Tara
Comment by: Betsy
Our guests continue to pick your "John Wayne" as one of the favorites. Many thanks Betsy
Comment by: Hannah
Hi, Mom. I love you. I hope you have a great day! And I wish you luck with your art. Your daughter, Hannah
Comment by: Ian
I'm glad that you got your website up and I love you, Mom.

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